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Convert your business into a brand with our customer-centricResult-oriented approach

A digital experience that is empowered by innovation and equipped with creativity and divergent thinking!


The co-founder and managing director of Devaanya, Aarti Thakkar is an Indian entrepreneur. Her decade of experience and knowledge in SharePoint, digital marketing, e-commerce, web and software development has motivated her to carve her own path. She is now on a mission to make people digitally wise and strengthen their online presence, making the virtual world work.

She is an expert in overall digital strategy and execution for individuals and brands across all online platforms, with a robust approach that is driven by innovation, creativity, and an emotional connection.

Channelising the time, effort and expertise, she formed a company, “Devaanya Solutions”, supported by her mother, Kalpana Thakkar. Since March 2018, Aarti has worked relentlessly to make Devaanya a success in a short span of time by acquiring a premium clientele. More than just a company, Devaanya is an idea to reinvent the online presence of brands and individuals in a way that establishes an emotional connection with the world at large, making it stand out of the digital clutter.

Managing Director -Aarti Thakkar


We work on forming a strategy-first approach to create consistent and engaging content.


Design and simplicity are at the core of our website and mobile development. .


We aim to develop a world-class strategy that is bound to increase your ranking on Google.


Search engine optimization is continually evolving to keep up with the most recent changes.


We will help you ace the art of producing visual content to convey messages.


Consult the best mobile app development company in deciding the feasibility as well as the realistic reach for your app.


A shared set of values has been positioned at the centre of how we conduct business. Our values sum up what we accomplish at our best:

1. Timely Delivery

Our goal as a company is to satisfy customers. By concentrating on their needs and providing great service, we strive to earn their trust.

2. Lively Team Spirit

All of our stakeholders are important to us, and we operate best as a team. We individually contribute our best selves to the workplace and encourage one another to reach our full potential.

3. Honestly and Far-sightedness

We genuinely accept risks and handle them cautiously. We encourage diversity and equality and make decisions with consideration and integrity.

Meet Our Team

We will be working to enlighten the mind, penetrate the heart, and inspire people, with compelling work that delivers results. We are here to serve customers with a successful digital strategy.

Our mission is to create a work culture full of prosperity, connection and meaning for all, by creating a diverse client base. We are aimed at setting new standards of professionalism and success in the IT and digital space.

We will excel in offering consistently effective, distinctive, and innovative digital marketing solutions that consider the particular needs and wants of each client.

We will help you demystify the online world, and build an online presence that reflects your and your brand’s purpose. Our approach is result-oriented.

Our dedicated, and skilled team has been working relentlessly on producing top-notch solutions for our clients. We deal with a wide spectrum of clients in the IT sector, communications industry, and corporations.